Privacy statement Corny Bakers B.V.

Corny Bakers B.V. processes the personal details of its clients, potential clients,and other contacts. We do this in order to implement a possible business agreement. This privacy statement outlines how we process your personal details.

We do not employ a dedicated Data Potection employee, but we are pleased to address any questions you may have regarding our privacy policy via

Which personal details does Corny Bakers B.V. process?

Below you will find an overview of the personal details we may process, depending on the products or services you purchase or use:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Place of residence
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Location details
  • Contact history

Other personal details you actively provide, for example by a registration to our website, in any correspondence, or by telephone.

  • Legal obligations

A small part of the data we process is required by law. This concerns mostly personal details we need to fulfil our tax obligations.

  • Newsletters and mailings

Incidentally we will send newsletters and/or mailings. Sometimes these are personalised based on your previous actions, or on the products and/or services you have purchased from us. You always have the option to adjust your preferences for receiving newsletters and mailings.

Automated decisions

Corny Bakers B.V. does not make decisions based on automated processing (algorithms) that could have negative consequences for you.

Rights of stakeholders

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) everyone has a certain number of rights. We do our utmost to abide by these. Do you have any tips or comments? Please let us know! To invoke your rights, please contact us via

  • Information and access: naturally, you may access your personal details that we process. We will be pleased to tell you more about how and why we process these details.
  • Rectification: are you under the impression that the personal details we have stored are incorrect? Please let us know, so we can correct them.
  • Right to forget: you may have us remove the personal details we have on you. However, we may need to keep these details for other processing purposes (for example administration or deduplication).
  • Restrictions: are you under the impression that we process your personal details in unlawful or incorrect manners? Then you may restrict the use of your personal details.
  • Objection: You may object to the processing of your personal details. Does it concern marketing? Then we will cease to process your details as soon as possible.
  • Transferral: this is a new law under the AVG to have your personal details transferred. Should you wish to invoke this right, please contact us.

You may also:

  • Withdraw your permission: for example to receive email messages. If you wish to withdraw another type of processing, please contact us. You may do this via
  • Complaints procedure at the Authority for Personal Details (AP): are you under the impression that we are not abiding by privacy laws? Please let us know. After 25 May 2018 you may also file a complaint with the AP.

How long do we keep your personal details

Personal details may not be stored longer than necessary. The retention period depends on the purpose for which we acquired or collected the details and on any legal obligations to store details.

If you requested a quote from us but did not become our client, we will remove your details no later than two years after our last contact took place. The same applies if we requested a quote from you but did not become your client; your personal details will be removes no later than two years after our last contact. If you did become our client or we became your client, we will keep your personal details for the duration of seven years after the end of the financial year in which the business agreement was fulfilled in its entirety. The term of seven years is in line with the term we are obligated by the tax authority to keep our administrative files. After this term has ended, we will remove your personal details.

Principles of processing purposes

As explained above, we process some details to fulfil a legal obligation, some to fulfil a business agreement, and most in order to implement the justified interest of Corny Bakers B.V.: implementing our objective. Do you want to know more about how we consider our justified interest, please contact us.

Transferral to third parties

Sometimes we may need to provide your personal details to parties that supply products and/or services to us, or that operate on our behalf, in order to fulfil a business agreement we made with you. Furthermore, we utilise an external server space for the storage of (parts of) our sales and procurement administration. Your personal details may be stored here as well. For this purpose, your personal details will be provided to the host of our server space.

How Corny Bakers B.V. secures your personal details

We take the protection of your personal details very seriously and we have taken appropriate measures to prevent abuse, loss, unlawful access, unwanted publication, and unlawful corrections. If you have doubts about the proper protection of your personal details, or if there are indications of abuse, please contact us via

We have taken the following measures to protect your personal details:

  • Servers and divices of our employees are equipped with up-to-date security software, such as a virus scanner and firewall.
  • We only send your details via secure internet connections (SSL). You can see this indicated in the URL field by ‘https’ and the padlock.
  • Acces to personal details from mobile devices had been limited and is monitored actively.

DKIM are internet standards we use to prevent you from receiving emails containing viruses, are spam, or meant to obtain personal (login) details, in your name.

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