About Mexican Wholesaler Corny Bakers

Mexican wholesaler Corny Bakers has been a renowned supplier of Mexican food products in Europe since 1972. Corny Bakers offers a wide range of over 300 Mexican/Texan products.

Corny Bakers has all the required certifications, so you can be certain that all the products that are delivered to you abide by the strictest rules and regulations. Mexican wholesaler Corny Bakers delivers throughout Europe, Turkey, and the Middle-East to wholesalers and restaurateurs.

The products at Mexican wholesaler Corny Bakers are mostly imported from Mexico and the USA. But some products are produced in the Netherlands specially and exclusively for Corny Baker’s private label. So Corny Bakers, apart from a wide selection of renowned Mexican brands, also has a range of private label products, including flour and corn tortillas, sauces, and guacamole.

Apart from the substantial range of food products, Corny Bakers is also your supplier for beverages such as Mexican beers, tequila, a variety of liquors, and wines.

Last but not least, Mexican wholesaler Crny Bakers also sells a wide range of non-food products.

The benefits:

  • Almost all products in stock, which means a quick delivery
  • Premium brands
  • Fresh products which makes for easy preparation
  • Always the best results in terms of flavour
  • Custom advice and delivery possible
  • Flexible, solution- and client-oriented