Producer Texan dishes

If you are looking for a professional producer of Texan dishes, you have come to the right place at Corny Bakers. We have been a leading wholesale business of Mexican and Texan products since 1972. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have become an expert on countless products. We offer a substantial range of over 300 products. No need to look any further for a Producer of Texan dishes; go ahead and contact us!

The range of products at Corny Bakers

Apart from an extensive range of products, Corny Bakers also offers quick delivery. We ensure adequate stock levels at all times, so we can deliver them to you promptly. We deliver our products to the Middle-East, Turkey, and Europe. Our products are largely imported by us from Latin American countries and Mexico. We have the other ingredients for Mexican dishes produced in Europe.

Our range of food products includes wraps, sauces, herbs, and tacos. We also offer a variety of beverages, such as specialty beers, wines, and liquors. Our range of non-food products includes Mexican ponchos, sombreros, and kitchenware.

Texan recipes

On our website, it is possible to download a full overview of the products we offer. We have also published all kinds of recipes for wraps, nachos, burritos, tortillas, and quesadillas on our website. This gives you a number of examples of the dishes you can prepare with our products. Because we think Texan cuisine deserves a great deal of attention.

Please contact us for more information about Corny Bakers as a producer and about our products. Our staff will be please to assist you.

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