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Are you looking for a good and professional producer of Texan products? Corny Bakers can help you. For over 40 years we have been producing Texan products. Our wide range of over 300 premium quality products includes almost everything you need for all your Texan dishes. Corny Bakers is the producer of choice for all your Texan products!

Range of Texan products Producent Texaanse producten

Our range of products is very diverse. Our range of food products includes tapas, tortilla chips, herbs, and sauces. We also carry a number of beverages, such as special wines and liquors. Apart from our selection of food products, we also sell non-food items, such as Texan accessories and kitchenware

To get a better idea of all the things you can do with our products, we have published a number of recipes on our website. Here you can see how various kinds of burrito-, quesadilla-, wrap-, tortilla-, and nacho dishes are prepared with our products.

Corny Bakers produces for wholesale businesses or restaurateurs throughout Europe, the Middle-East and Turkey. We import the largest part of our products from Latin American countries and Mexico. The products that we do not import are exclusively produced for our private label in Europe.

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Are you interested for us to be your producer of Texan products? Please contact us. You may do this by telephone (+31 (0)294 417 897) or by email ( You may also complete our contact form, in which case we will contact you as soon as possible.

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