Wholesale Mexican dishes

Corny Bakers has been a wholesaler for all your Mexican dishes since 1972. We offer a range of over 300 products exclusively by the best brands. This is how we guarantee the supply of premium quality products to you. We also ensure sufficient stock at all times, so that we can deliver quickly. Are you looking for a wholesaler of premium quality Mexican dishes? You have come to the right place at Corny Bakers.

Our Mexican products

As a wholesaler of Mexican dishes, Corny Bakers offers a wide and diverse range of products. Our selection of food products ranges from wraps and tapas to sauces and spices. We also sell exclusive products, such as Mexican beverages. For example, we offer beers, wines, liquors, and tequila. We also have selection of non-food products, such as kitchenware, serving dishes, and Mexican accessories.

Almost all our products are imported directly from Mexico and other Latin American countries. A number of our private label products are produced exclusively for us in Europe, rather than imported.


Groothandel Mexicaanse gerechten

Wholesale Mexican dishes

As a wholesaler of Mexican dishes we are pleased to see that an increasing number of people are discovering Mexican cuisine. That is why we have published a number of recipes on the recipe page for dishes that are made with our products. It will give you a chance to experiment with different kinds of products. We have included recipes for different types of wraps, burritos, quesadillas, tortillas and nachos.

Please contact us for more information on our wholesale of Mexican dishes and our products.

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